Primer in Bangladesh

There are various types of primer in Bangladesh. A cosmetic primer is a cream or lotion applied before makeup to another cosmetic to improve coverage on the face. Primers are hot these days in Bangladesh. Just like you prime a wall before you paint it, you can prime your face before you apply makeup. Primers are used under eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara and even nail polish to help keep your makeup in place for hours. Application of the makeup and are meant to create a barrier between the product and skin. Primer is a cosmetic designed to smooth skin texture. Much like the primer for painting, it ensures that a person has a smooth, and helps them adhere properly to the skin. It's generally made from materials such as waxes, polymers, and silicone, and often contains extra ingredients for SPF protection. There are a variety of area-specific and problem-specific primers: for instance, one for lips can keep lipstick from feathering, make a splotchy complexion look better. Though makeup can look fine without using these products, it generally won't last as long and may not have quite as polished a look.

Primer in Bangladesh - what sort of primer shall we use:

Normal Skin

If your skin is normal which means that you are not too large or too small and that your skin doesn’t get too oily or dry throughout the day. You likely don’t want a primer that has a magnifying effect. Normal skin types often don’t have any problems like redness or blemishes, so a simple pore-blurring primer can even fully substitute foundation for you.

Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a magnifying primer in Bangladesh. A magnifying primer will prevent your skin from becoming shiny throughout the day. A primer for oily skin types will also have a pore-minimizing effect. There are some makeup primers out there with anti-acne ingredients that will help keep your breakouts at bay.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a little complicated to prime. You want a primer that will moisturize your skin and give you a dewy finish. Dry skin types have the hardest time finding a great makeup primer, so it’s really important to ask for a sample before purchasing a product, but with a very light texture.

Combination Skin

combination skin types there are two options: either choose a neutral makeup primer that won’t overly Matte, but won’t make you look shiny either. It’ll just make your foundation go on smoother and last longer.

Mature Skin

Primers are excellent for mature skin types because they can fill in and blur wrinkles. Look for a lightweight, moisturizing primer without shimmer. A lot of makeup primers are made with sunscreen, which is the strongest anti-ageing product out there so they can actually have a positive impact on the health of your skin. You can also use a firming makeup primer that will tighten your skin up a bit and create a facelift effect.

Sensitive Skin

Makeup primers are excellent for sensitive skin because they give an extra layer of protection from the environment. Make sure your primer is low on fragrance. you might prefer a green-based primer to neutralize the red tones in your skin. This way, you’ll find yourself needing to use less foundation. You can also look for soothing ingredients in your makeup primer

Benefit of using primer in Bangladesh:

Primer makes all your makeup look much smoother. Try it and you will see that you get an almost velvety smoothness to your makeup that you won’t want to be without again. Many makeup primers are formulated with silicone-based polymers because of their ultra-smoothing effects. Using a makeup primer before your foundation is a complete make-up game changer. fine lines and uneven texture to leave you with a perfected base that is ready for the rest of your makeup. a colourless water-repelling substance that acts as a base coat for your skin and feels like silk yet doesn’t interfere with the rest of your make-up or block the pores, But for those who struggle with cystic acne and other skin conditions. Physicians Formula’s celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlep adds that makeup primers can also help smooth any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores. If you are searching for a face primer to help colour-correct conceal acne spots, primers are even available just for your eyelids to prevent creasing.

If you live, visit or plan on travelling anywhere that experiences hot and humid or cold and dry temperatures, suggests having primer handy to help your makeup wear longer. No matter what the weather is like outside, this extra step will save you a lot of time and effort. When applying your chosen makeup primer, avoid rubbing or massaging over the skin in long sweeping motions. This technique will ensure that the primer does its job properly and creates the best base for your foundation

Primer in Bangladesh often does a disappearing act on the oily skin within a matter of hours, meaning any imperfections you might have been revealed to the world when you least expect it. The beauty of a makeup primer, especially ones that contain added pore unblocking ingredients. When smoothed over clean skin they act like an invisible sponge, soaking up any excess sebum on contact and ensuring problems during the day.

Primer can often make you look like you are wearing a mask. Instead of resorting to heavy makeup, without leaving an unnatural uniformity to the skin. Ones with a green or yellow tint work well on toning down redness while peach or soft lavender shades are best for counteracting dark spots, Follow with primer just in the areas you need for. This technique will ensure that the primer does its job properly and creates the best base for your foundation much healthier your skin looks. provides the best primer in Bangladesh. Let us know if you need any help regarding your primer. Checkout all of our collections, hope you will love it.