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Aptamil baby milk and food in Bangladesh

Why choose Aptamil milk in Bangladesh?

Aptamil is one of the best baby milk manufacturers in the world, and now it is available in Bangladesh at Aptamil has got the various sort of baby milk for different age of babies. They have got more than 50 years of experiences. They have different baby milk for different babies like a hungry baby and anti-reflux. Most of their milk is powder but they also produce pre-bottled liquid milk as well. Aptamil is highly designed for nutrition of babies and these are 100% natural. Aptamil is full of minerals and vitamins which is needed for your baby from the early stage development throughout the end of their childhood. The Aptamil research team is continuously working to make their products better in every way possible.

When to give Aptamil milk?

Aptamil first infant milk

The age range is 0 to 6 months, which means that you can start this milk from the birth up to 6 months of age. It is the best feeding choice for your newborn.

Aptamil follow-on milk

This one is appropriate for 6 months to 12 months old. You can provide 500-600 ml of milk every day. This information is a guide only. Always take doctor's opinion before taking any actions.

Aptamil growing up milk

This milk is suitable for growing up babies aged between 1 to 2 years. This milk contains vitamin A & D which helps your baby at this stage to grow up.

Aptamil growing up milk

This is another growing up milk for babies, but this one is aged between 2 to 3 years. This one provides vitamin A and C with vitamin D. It has got some iron which helps your baby for cognitive development.

Aptamil Baby food in Bangladesh

Aptamil cereal range is available for your baby. They have different food for different age starts from 4 months. Cereal comes in many different flavours, like, organic baby rice, multigrain fruits, multigrain and apples, etc.

Important Notice: We highly recommend breastfeeding which is the best options for your baby. Seek advice from your doctor whenever needed. Take good care of your baby's teeth before bedtime.