There are many kinds of lip lacquer in Bangladesh, and we will learn about what is it, how to use, and where to get.

What is lip lacquer?

It is similar to lip gloss, but lip lacquers come in liquid form market, unlike a gloss, the consistency and lip lacquers are much thicker and creamier for the lips and it is not to mention way more pigmented of lips. Lip lacquer deliver an ultra shine finish that will make your lips great and healthy like never before. This creamy, full-coverage lip lacquer delivers for long-lasting color on your lips. Lip lacquer non-sticky forms help your lips a lot to get hydrated. Lip lacquer is a new form of lipstick or lipgloss that is getting very popular. Lip lacquer is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle color on your lips. It comes in liquid form which helps to distributed on lips evenly, on the other hand, a soft solid or lipstick, which generally is a solid, cream that provides different sort of colours. Like lipstick, there is a variety of forms available in terms of lip lacquer in Bangladesh.

How to apply lip lacquer?

It may be applied in different ways over the lips. It comes in little cylinder and it can be applied with the help of some brush like a wand.  Lip lacquer comes in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be passed over the lips or applied with a fingertip or lip brush on the lips. Sometimes it is a blur to make a distinction between lip gloss and lip lacquer.

Difference between lipstick and lip lacquer

Lipstick and Lip Lacquer are two different cosmetic products for lips. The main difference between the lipstick and lip lacquer that is products is that lipstick contains wax with oils, antioxidants and emollients and some other elements. Lipstick and lip lacquer, both are applied on lips forget a healthy and great lip however they give a different look on the lips as soon as they are worn on the lips. Difference between these two products, one has to know their ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Lipstick is an oil-based beauty product used for coloring the lips, usually in a tubular container in the market. Whereas, lip lacquer is a glossy lip color, used with a built-in lip brush for a healthy lip. Lacquer basically means polish that means it polishes your lips with different color shades for a great look and lipsticks are more long lasting for lips, they are sure that it is not easy to apply anytime, anywhere on the lip. Lip lacquers are less long lasting for the lips but are fairly easy to apply on the lips. Women don’t have enough time to spend on themselves for lips, and they need a convenient and durable product for lips to create a great look which they can carry anywhere they want to.

Lipstick and lip lacquer are available in different shades and flavours in Bangladesh market. Lipsticks are long-lasting and lip lacquers require constant touch upon the lips. Lipstick is simply known as the lip color on lips, whereas lip lacquer is simply known as the lip gloss on the lips. Nowadays, there are various different kinds of lip products in the market of Bangladesh and for that people get confused with, such as lip tint, lip stain, etc. Lip lacquer gives more of a shiny look on the lip and a great look as compared to the lipstick. Lip lacquers look good for the application on lips but need maintenance throughout the day. They're highly pigmented, smooth, creamy lip glosses for lips. A lipstick comes as a solid tube usually in the familiar lipstick case although it may be in a solid block of color in a palette for lips. The product can be applied straight from the stick for the lips by running it over the lips or you can use a lip brush to apply it.

Types of lip lacquers in Bangladesh

A lip lacquer comes in a bottle in the market in Bangladesh, tube or jar and will normally come with an inbuilt means of application of lips. A lip lacquer may be applied using a roll on the mechanism on the lips and the tube may have a felt tip which soaks up color like a marker pen or it may have an applicator wand with a sponge tip on the lip. A cream or gel lip lacquer may be applied on the lips with a brush which may or may not be included. With a lip lacquer, you need to paint on your lips a very precise line on your lips as there will be an obvious edge where you have and haven’t applied it for a great look. Lipsticks are a bit more forgiving you if you are not great at applying them. The lipstick comes in all kinds of finishes from matte, glossy and sheer shade and It is available in a huge range of colors in the market on Bangladesh and is easy to apply and reapply through the day with the help of a mirror effect on the lips. With its good lipstick will have a moisturizing effect on your lips. Lipstick will rub off on your lips as the day progresses and you will have to reapply it if you want to a great look and keep color on your lips and there’s the problem of leaving lipstick marks everywhere. You’ll find it on the cheeks of your friends and on your coffee cup and glass and if you’re not careful with your lipstick application.

Once you apply a lip lacquer on your lips and your color can no touching up required on your lips. The color will stay where you put it on your lips and not transfer itself to your cup or glass and you can easily use it. Lip lacquer won’t travel into your lips and any feathery lines around your lips so you will have a precise over all day. On the downside, lip lacquer often contains alcohol and other ingredients which have a drying effect and long lasting on your lips and that many come with a moisturizing balm on the lips. Unfortunately, you have to reapply on your lips that to keep up the moisturizing effect on your lips throughout the day, though you won’t need a mirror so it is quickly done for a healthy lip. Lip lacquer in Bangladesh is available in a more limited range of color, so you have fewer choices for your lips. They are also a bit more difficult to apply as you have to paint carefully on your lips and quickly before they set on your lips and you need the patience to wait for each coat to set lip lacquer before adding the top coat of gloss on the lips or another layer to get a more intense color on your lips. They are not for you if you need to rush out of the door every day. Lip lacquer does happen to wear off and you have to remove from your lips it all and start again because touch ups don’t give an even finish to the lips and give a great look. So if you need lip lacquers in Bangladesh, you may search those online, BuyMeBrand has great collections of lip lacquer in Bangladesh.