Makeup Foundation Bangladesh

There are many kinds of makeup foundation in Bangladesh. Sometimes we can not understand that which foundation is the best for our skin. Foundation is a makeup which is applied to the face to create a new look for change our natural skin tone. Foundation also uses as a moisturizer, sunscreen, base layer for more complex cosmetics. First, we would know, for selecting the best foundation, we consider the finish our prefer and any skin problems we may have at the moment.we can follow some simple guidelines on how to find the perfect foundation in Bangladesh for our skin.

Makeup Foundation for various skin in BD

Dry skin

For dry skin in Bangladesh, we can choose Cream or liquid foundation with a moisturizing sensation because the dry skin needs moisture in order for our foundation and after that the rest of our makeup to look great.

Oily skin

For oily skin in Bangladesh, we would use powder foundation with matte-effect.Because oily skin means that our oil glands never stop producing excess oil and our skin can appear shiny multiple times through the day. The powder foundation with matte-effect helps to stop producing excess oil and imperative to helping skin look dewy and fresh.

Combined skin

For Combined skin in bd, we can use Powder or liquid foundation with a high water content.Means that we may need two different foundation formulas depending on the season.
In Bangladesh many kinds of liquid and stick and powder foundations are available. But we have to know how we put on liquid and stick foundation.

Aging Skin

If you notice that you have signs like wrinkles, fine lines & probably a little saggy loose on your skin, don’t get freaked out because in Bangladesh you get many kinds of heavy coverage foundation for your ageing skin.It will just worsen things. Choose a medium coverage product of makeup foundation with light-reflecting pigments that will make you glow naturally.How do you put on liquid makeup foundation?

Spray a little water over the face to clean off any dirty residue.
Put a little liquid foundation of your hand and with your fingertip, dab the foundation over your face on the cheeks, one on your nose, and one on your chin.

How do you use a makeup foundation stick?

First, we Blend the foundation using clean fingertips.
Blend, blend, then blend some more time for a better result.Use ring fingers to blend the foundation.

How do you put on powder foundation?

Applying Foundation with a brush, first, you have to clean your face. Make sure your face is free of dirt prior to using foundation.

Choose the right brush. Otherwise, you do not get a better result. Swirl your brush into your powder foundation. Apply the foundation in right motions, excess powder with a finishing brush.

Application tools for makeup foundation


For liquid foundation, a brush is recommended as the brush won’t soak up too much of the liquid.

Alternatively, a natural bristle which is works best for powder foundations such as mineral makeup foundation.In Bangladesh, it is a popular makeup application tools. A brush is best for face makeup foundation as it is less likely to leave brush marks.All tools used to apply makeup to the face, brushes should be soft and gentle and irritate the skin.


Using your fingers is great application tools for creating a natural look of foundation makeup. Fingers help the foundation to melt into your skin and it’s easy to blend in of makeup.Using your fingers isn’t recommended for applying full cover makeup as streaks and finger marks can occur.


The airbrush mixes the foundation with a controllable stream of compressed air. It works with the skin as millions of tiny droplets of the foundation. This technique can create the natural appearance of the skin that, if applied properly for a natural look, can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup application is also popular makeup application tools in Bangladesh.


Using a sponge to apply makeup foundation is great application tools for creating a medium cover look.sponge is good for blending in liquid foundation and concealer, whilst a rounded sponge is best for powder foundations. Wet a clean sponge with water first: but make sure to squeeze out excess water otherwise it creates a problem. The sponge will also assist in blending. Try to find sponges for the superb blending of the eye area. Also, note that reusing sponges can be unhygienic, so sponges should be washed and dried thoroughly after every use for makeup.

How to choose foundation shade according to coverage


It is the most transparent and contains the least amount of pigment. It will not hide on the skin but it can minimize by the contrast between the discolouration and the rest of the skin tone. Pigmented technology has been around us since 2004 and since then it is growing very fast. There is a protocol for this sheer foundation and there is a limit where it can not exceed more than 8-13% in that formula. This range can be used for those people who want to get a natural look and not too much, it will give the perfect tone with the slightest application.


a foundation is a bit thicker than sheer and gives much more coverage than the previous one. Medium foundation can work as a concealer as well and hide scratch and blemish of the skin and hide some pour and imperfections as well.


This helps erase severe imperfections such as acne scars. Also, it’s the best form of foundation to use for photo shoots or for occasions like wedding. Full coverage is very opaque and used to cover birthmarks, vitiation, hyperpigmentation, and scars. It is sometimes referred to as “corrective” make-up by the foundation.

So those tips help us to choose to select our right makeup foundation in Bangladesh.