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  • Eyeshadow

    Eyeshadow in Bangladesh

    Makeup eyeshadow is most important and colorful makeup in Bangladesh for using on your eyes. It comes in powders, creams, gels and pencil and many kinds of colors. You can use a single color, or blend two or three shades to give your eyeshadow makeup just the look you want. Many people use eyeshadow to eye simply to improve their appearance on the skin, but it is also commonly used in theatre and other plays on the skin, to create a memorable look on the face, with bright, bold colors. Depending on skin tone and experience, the effect of eyeshadow usually brings out glamour. The use of eyeshadow attempts to eyes replicates the natural eyeshadow to a natural contrasting pigmentation on their eyelids for a great look. Natural eyeshadow can range anywhere from a glossy shine to one's eyelids. eyeshadow can be applied depending on the face for the desired look. Typically an application is done using fingers or brushes on your skin. The most important aspect of applying eyeshadow, and makeup in general, is blending well. However, you must not forget to include a primer in your eyeshadow later. If you would like to remove eyeshadow from your eyes you can use different types of To remove eyeshadow, a commercial eye makeup remover can be utilized, though a rich face wash will usually remove all traces of color. Generally, it is easy to remove, and simple water can be used.

    Let's explore eyeshadow in Bangladesh

    Powder eyeshadow

    The most commonly used type of eyeshadow in Bangladesh is powder eyeshadow. It's best for eye makeup beginners to start with powder before using eyeshadow for a great look. Most powder eyeshadows are can then be placed in a palette, they either come in a palette of some type pigments that come in pans. Powder eyeshadow comes in a various form and in different finishes: matte eyeshadow is very good for daily use and it is so dramatic as well, evening looks, and satin eyeshadow is great for achieving that smooth eye makeup. As the eyes is so sensitive you should never rub it on your eyes, it may lead to trouble; the more you touch it the more prone it becomes to developing fine lines and sagging. Apply by gently patting and an eyeshadow brush for application.

    Cream eyeshadow

    Cream eyeshadow is used when you want a glossy look in your eye makeup. Creams come in many different makeup eyeshadow shades so you have plenty of color choices, otherwise not. You will easily find this type of eyeshadow in Bangladesh at your local beauty store, drug store or online. Cream eyeshadows are convenient because you do not even need an eyeshadow brush to apply it.

    Liquid eyeshadow

    If you think that this type of eyeshadow is relegated to the pros, think again. Liquid eyeshadows are the perfect starting eyeshadow for eye makeup. I love to use base for liquid eyeshadow, it holds onto pigment and keep the power. Because liquid tends to crease more easily on your skin just like its cream-based. You can use thin liner brush to create a beautiful winged eye, you have to apply this eyeshadow directly from this lids or you can use the brush as well. It's important to note that liquid eyeshadows dry quickly. They're easy to apply to the eye but difficult to master. Liquid eyeshadow is used for a shimmering look. It uses as a base for powdered shadows. Liquid shadows are not easy to find the color. Though liquid eyeshadow is not very popular, you will get this eyeshadow in Bangladesh. Like cream shadows, liquids can gather in the crease of your eyelid if you have oily skin.

    Stick eyeshadow

    For those who do not like complicated eyeshadow application, the stick eyeshadow is what you need. Shadow sticks are ultra-versatile. You can very easily use it on the top of the lids, mix it as you want, and you'll get the perfect color you need. The interesting thing about shadow sticks is that you can easily use it for very long time. This is all thanks to the intense colors and perfect formula the very popular makeup brands. Look at your local beauty store, drug store or online for stick eyeshadow in Bangladesh.

    Baked eyeshadow

    Baked eyeshadow has been the go-to eyeshadow for some specific women. Yup! They usually press eyeshadow, but this one is different, they put it in the oven, so it is baked. What makes this type of eyeshadow a huge hit among women is its very smooth and easy to apply. Applying baked eyeshadow can be easily used and you can use it in many different forms like wet or dry. You can use foil eyeshadow with the baked eyeshadow to get a perfect, beautiful look. If you just want to add color to your lids. It is getting popular and you will find baked eyeshadow in Bangladesh now.

    Removal - eyeshadow in Bangladesh

    When you want to remove your eye makeup, you have to be gentle. For best results, a cotton ball or cleansing pad with cleanser or a little baby oil on your eye. Both of these products have the side benefit of moisturizing the area, which can help to minimize the look of wrinkles. Your eyes are very delicate, so it's important to be aware for safety issues that can lead to injury or infection on your eyes. Glitter eyeshadow makeup can cause injury. Sharing eye makeup with a friend may also result in transferring infection-causing bacteria. This essential makeup remover is available just look for shops who sells eyeshadow in Bangladesh and you will get the remover as well. Only use your own personal makeup and you could be contaminating your fresh shadow by reusing these old items on your eyes.

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  • Mascara

    Mascara in Bangladesh

    Mascara is the most important eye makeup elements and we will learn about mascara in Bangladesh. Mascara a type of cosmetic applied to the eyelashes. It serves to thicken and define the eyelashes and may also color, lengthen, or curl them, depending upon the type. It's usually sold as a liquid cosmetic in a tube in Bangladesh and applied with a round brush on the eyes. However, cream and cake versions also exist. Cosmetics have been used to darken the eyelashes and eyebrows in many cultures since ancient times. There are many different mascaras on the market of Bangladesh. Mascaras and primers that thicken the lashes without adding color and colored mascaras on the eye in many different colors. Waterproof mascaras prevent smudging, help the lashes retain their curl, and reduce the lashes to clump together. Volumizing and lengthening mascaras as temporary extensions for the eyelashes. Mascara normally applied to all the eyelashes, but some people use it only above the eye for looking nice. Wiggling the applicator brush at the base of the lashes can help make the lashes and moving the brush to the end of the lashes can help reduce clumping. We can easily apply the second coat before it is drying out, because mascara is used on such a delicate part of the body, it is important not to keep a tube around too long into the eyes and cause serious health problems. Any product that makes eyes feel irritated or has a changed texture or smell should be discarded. You can make your eyes look like exactly the way you wanted to be very conveniently. Girls mind works in many different forms when it comes in terms of mascara. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of mascara in Bangladesh and the types of brush applicators they are using on the eye.

    Different types of mascara in Bangladesh

    Lengthening mascara

    Lengthening mascara adds length to the existing lashes. Brushes of most lengthening mascaras in Bangladesh have denser bristles and allow the mascara to get onto the lashes on the eyes. This mascara is best for people with short and sparse eyelashes. To create on the eyes the most length, you must apply at least two coats of mascara. You will find this sort of products available in your local store and now you will find lengthening mascara in Bangladesh. When the mascara is applied, these fibers bind to the tips of the eyelashes, making them appear longer. For those straight lashes, the lengthening mascaras are the right type. This kind of mascaras usually made which are responsible for creating the effect of the eye.

    Volumizing Mascara

    Volumizing Mascara helps you achieve fuller and thicker eyelashes on your eye as it contains a thicker formula on your eyes. It claims to be perfect for woman and girls with thin or sparse eyelashes, regardless of length. Lengthening mascaras, don’t apply fibres on the eyes and are designed to complement the shape on the face and natural color of our natural lashes of eyes. For those with thin or limp lashes, this type of mascara will add volume without the heavy and overdone look. Their formula also contains darker and stronger pigments for a dense look. For the type of thin or limp lashes on eyes, this type of mascara will add extra volume without the heavy and overdone look on your eye. Their formula contains to add bulk and also contain darker and stronger pigments for a good look. You can easily find volumizing mascara in Bangladesh.

    Curling Mascara

    Curling Mascara very suitable for those kinds of people which have straight or poorly defined lashes. They contain polymers that contract once you have applied it, making the lashes to make a pronounced shape. This type of mascara is available in Bangladesh. Curling Mascara helps to enhance the natural curl of the lashes. The mascara is a little thicker than other types of mascaras, which further helps to hold the curl on your eyes. This type of mascara is special mascaras apply with brush applicators which are designed to separate each hair of the lashes on your eyes, making them look thicker and longer, creating a beautiful look in the eye. This type of mascara in Bangladesh is available now.

    Anti-clustering mascara

    This mascara makes by the special gel of foam which prevents the lash hairs of the eye of clustering together. When using this type of mascara, you have to apply. This type of mascara is available in Bangladesh.

    Color mascara

    These products are usually recommended for women with fair and light-coloured hair in order to highlight their lashes while avoiding the heavy effect black mascara. This type of mascara is available in Bangladesh.

    Waterproof mascara

    This kind of mascara is not perfect only for emotional girls. It is also recommended for the hot summer days and nights when perspiration or air humidity is a real threat. This type of mascara is available in Bangladesh. Waterproof Mascaras get easily wear on the eyes and these are not long wearing on the eyes and look bad. These can easily be removed by makeup remover. Waterproof Mascaras don’t get smudged & are long staying. They are the best bet for summers & Monsoons. They are very hard to remove from the eyes with ordinary removers and needs special oil-based makeup removers for eyes. These type of mascara are made by highly processed formulas which stay a long time intact on eyes. When choosing a mascara for the eyes, it is advisable to determine the performance and outcome prior on the eyes.

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  • Eyeliner

    Eyeliner in Bangladesh

    Eyeliner is the one most popular makeup in Bangladesh. Eyeliner was first used as a dark black line around the eyes. Various cosmetics including eyeliner not only for aesthetics but to protect the skin from the desert sun. Eyeliner was worn to protect the wearer from the evil eye. The characteristic of eyeliner having heavily lined eyes has been ancient art for the everyday look. They produced eyeliner with a variety of materials. Eyeliners are products that apply colour to the eyes to highlight the eyes. Eyeliners are used to the eyelids and to change the shape of the eyes. They contain special ingredients that apply colour where it is needed in a controlled manner. The products are specially formulated for the care of eye to ensure that potentially harmful to the eye. The safety of Eyeliners in all girls and women is established by selection of ingredients that are safe and suitable for this purpose. Eyeliners are assessed for their potential to cause skin irritation or cause reactions. Product safety is also established through strict to the principles of Quality Assurance. This includes testing the compatibility of the product of eyeliner with packaging in the Bangladesh market as well as shelf-life stability. Eye Makeup products typically applied as Eyeliner.

    Types of eyeliner in Bangladesh

    Liquid Eyeliner

    Liquid eyeliner is getting popular and now you will find liquid eyeliner in Bangladesh. Liquid eyeliner is most popular in the world of eye makeup and demands steel to draw perfectly those around your eyes. Once it’s on it’s not coming off without a struggle and some makeup remover, and it is for the bold look with a stunning outfit, not for casual Saturday afternoon. Liquid eyeliner should be flawless. It doesn’t do that smoky look, and if you have any sharpness to your features it will accept them and can make someone look just that little bit pointy. This kind of eyeliner best suits those with complexions and balanced, regular features as well as envying you a little, might look better with an eyeliner that is a bit more forgiving and easier to apply. Liquid eyeliner is very good for making clean lines and it helps to swoop. It’s for looks that require delicacy. It comes in a variety of forms for our money, we find that pens with marker-type tips are easier to use with attached nail polish-like brushes. Draw the shape on your eyes you want with the brush or applicator, then fill it in for the result. The very thin brushes and applicators make it possible to get really thin, subtle line perfect for adding a little darkness to your upper lash lines. Using a brush built into the product also makes them easier to use on your eyes. The liquid eyeliner consistency can make clean, the precise application more difficult; in other words, liquid liner can be messy. There also tends to be kind of a steep learning, which can be intimidating. If you go to the online shop you will find liquid eyeliner in Bangladesh.

    Gel Eyeliner

    Makeup artist love to use gel eyeliner, and this comes in various types of pot and it can be easily used with small brush provided. The gel can be used to create bold lines and catlike eyes to look, but if you want something more you will also be able to those lines and some more after you’ve applied it on your eyes. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, the gel is easy to apply, and like liquid eyeliner, it can create very strong dark lines. If you look at the retail store or online shop, you will find gel eyeliner in Bangladesh. Gel eyeliner you can try if you want to do a lot of cat eyes. It comes in the market in Bangladesh packaged in a small pot, usually with a brush included for the draw in your eye. You can quickly clean your eyes and precise line thanks to the thicker formula and precise brush on your eyes. You can switch up that brush to get different results in your eyes. The creamy type easy to work with, and easy to control what you’re doing. Gel eyeliner gets dry out, which is annoying, and if you use your brush you basically get a good result. You also have to clean the brush regularly to avoid eye infections.

    Eyeliner Pencil

    Eyeliner Pencil makeup bag ever since makes up bags were invented. It is very easy to apply, and when applied properly on your eyes it creates the very best ‘smoky eyes’ look. Every woman who ever wears makeup needs an eyeliner pencil, and a good quality one will allow you to smudge it easily for the effect you want without rubbing. Eyeliner Pencil should be solid enough to draw fairly precise lines, but soft enough to glide on smoothly without dragging the skin. Most eyeliner pencil eyeliners in Bangladesh need to be reapplied a couple of times through the day, and unless you’re a makeup genius, it will never create perfect ‘cat’s eyes’ in the same way as liquid liners. But eyeliner pencil cheap, cheerful, and beloved of makeup. There’s a lot to be said for the smoky eye look—and you can achieve that look with a pencil eyeliner. Trace it along with your upper and lower lash lines, and smudge it gently. Run it along with your upper and lower waterlines. You can get a glowing little touch with a very clean and natural look. Pencil eyeliner is great for the everyday look, especially if you blend it slightly. Your waterline and Keeping pencils sharpened is a pain in your eyes and if you twist up the pencil, they get blunt. In your pencil liner, you will occasionally run across. This type of eyeliner is available in Bangladesh.

    Solid Gel Eye Liner Pencils

    This type of eyeliner is available in Bangladesh. These are growing popular day by day, and you will find it very easily why it is different when you use it. The best ones glide on and stay for about half a minute so that you can smear the harsh line, and they dry to a long-lasting finish. If you do prefer a softer look, solid gel pen will never blunt to your own personal perfection.

    Eyeshadow Eyeliner

    This makes up a brush and the bristles of the eyeshadow powder colour you want to use and apply it along the lid-lines. This method can’t be used with the waterline area of your eyes, but it can create a wonderful effect on your eyes. It can also be applied on top of liquid, gel or kohl lines to give a more graduated look. You will find this type of eyeliner in Bangladesh.

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  • Kajal

    Eye Kajal in Bangladesh

    Kajal is one of the most popular eye makeup items in Bangladesh. Its use has been defined as a preparation in the form of processed “Kohl Stone” with some active ingredients and It is claimed to keep the eyes cool, try to give greater look and clean too. It was used for the protection and treatment of the eye and normally produced eye ‘kajal’ and it is normally harmful to the child’s eyes and a question is arise that such reports claimed that it is safe for makeup and for use. some comments against the use of eye ‘Kajal’, it is harmful to the children. It is very necessary because it is provided healthcare and for the parents and with eye Kajal on the eye which makes the pigment of your skin that used on the eye and in darkening the area around the skin of eyes. If you can’t stay without applying it on your eyes then You know with this beauty product that makes your makeup and eyes even more beautiful and looks much pretty, but if you do not know there are different kinds of products is available in the market of Bangladesh then it makes life easier for you and easy to made a list of all the different types of eye kajal and the best for every kind which types you can use and find perfect eye kajal that you can defer into two types – first, who love it and second, those who don’t and it is the first evidence is her eyes. If she always uses it on her eyes then she cannot live without it. There are different brands of eye kajal for the beauty of eye and every eye kajal available in the market of Bangladesh, any side effect of eye which is the best and constant attempts to convert non-kajal lovers and for one of those women who cannot start her day without using Kajol in her eyes then you can try making your own at home.

    Picking the Right eye Kajal in Bangladesh

    There are a lot of variety and you will find most of these eye kajal in Bangladesh. You can easily choose your right one for your eye that which you want and for a pencil for a great makeup looks on your eye and which pencils are regarded as perfect one to use for your eye and you have applied kajal on your eye like regular eyeliner pencils. It creates the lines on the eyes, and on the eyes wear off as more easily. Pencils are a great choice for the eyes and a liquid or gel kajal on the eyes for a more beautiful look and gels kajal create bold and darker looks on the eyes and it is easier to blend than kajal pencils, but over the day It is not a good idea to apply gel or liquid kajal on the eyes and liquids kajal will come on the eyes because it can get damaged. You need to get a small brush to apply kajal for your makeup on the eyes and easily can choose kajal powders for a bold beauty look on your eyes and for long lasting over the day. If you want to create a bold shiny smoky beautiful look on the eyes so you can consider loose kajal powders for long-lasting use which create the natural look of your eye.

    These powders are good for your eye and your Kajal and if you want a bold beautiful dark look of your eye then the kajal powders come with an applicator brush that you can use easily over the eyes and you can be applied Kajol using an eyeliner brush on the eye for better and perfect use kajal on your eye and for it, you can find a waterproof kajal if you cry easily because a waterproof formula may help to prevent the kajal on your eye from bad running if your eyes start to water and for this formula are ideal for the eye makeup and kajal and for the woman who has more sensitive eyes. Waterproof formula is very difficult to wash from eye off for using a Kajal pencil and you can use the cleanser for the wash.

    If your skin is clear then you can prevent the skin from using kajal from damage and when you wash your face or use makeup remover to clean your skin and eye you can wash your face or use makeup remover to clean off makeup or kajal from around your skin of eyes and your lower line under the eye. You can use your finger and your lower eyelid while looking up and can start at the inner corner of your eye and the pencil with the lash line of your eye. The water line is the centre point of the eye and for many kajal styles that you using your ring finger or an eye brush. If you are working with a powder you make sure that there is no extra kajal on the brush on your eye for your eye makeup and when you apply the kajal on your eye, you should always hold the brush on your eye and you should line up over the lash line of your eye and hold the brush for draw a line from the inner corner along the upper lash line at the inner eye, and draw out of your eye.

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  • Eye primer

    Eye primer in Bangladesh

    There are different type of eye primer in Bangladesh. Eye primer makeup glides onto your eyelid to not only ensure that your eye makeup stays on all day, but looks fantastic on you. You will be able to get eye primer in the cosmetic and drug stores in Bangladesh. On the other hand, you can use liquid foundation if you do not like eye primer to achieve the same sort of look. Eye primer is a cosmetic that is used to coat the eyelids prior to the application of eye makeup so that the makeup can be applied in a smooth. Some people find that creases appear in their eye makeup during the day as the result of simply blinking and normal eye movements. Eye primer works to keep these creases from appearing and can also help to boost the vibrancy of the eye makeup color. Most kinds of eye primer come in either a tube or small tub and are applied either with a brush or with a wand with a soft end. A concealer brush can be used to apply it as well. Although there are slight variations in the colors of the eye primer, most come in shades that blend in with most skin tones. This is because the purpose of the primer is not to accent the eyelids with color, but to prepare them for eye makeup that will serve that purpose.

    How to Apply eye primer

    Choosing Right Eye Primer in Bangladesh

    For general, everyday use, you want to look for an eye primer that matches your skin or is just a tiny bit lighter. This will look the most natural if you forego eye makeup and just do a liner and it won't alter the shade of your eye makeup by adding pigmentation. If you're doing a smokey eye or a dark eye look for a darker eye primer to add depth to your look. If you are using multiple colors and really want them to pop, try a white eye primer. You can skip eye makeup altogether and choose an eye primer that has an exciting color already blended into the formula. Consider color-correcting eye primer if you have dark circles or want to brighten your eyes. Eye primers with a yellow or peach cast will neutralize the purples, browns, shades of under eye circle. An eye primer with a little bit of green can neutralize pink or reddish skin. Matte eye primers are great for everyday use because they tend to last longer and give you a more neutral base for your eye makeup. If your skin is not oily, eyelids tend to get a little greasy over the day, and the give a matte finish and it will help absorb and keep your makeup in place. For shimmery finish works when you are wearing no shadow over your eye primer or plan to use a sparkly eye makeup. Keep in mind these don't have quite the staying power as a matte eye primer, and that you shouldn't use a matte eye makeup over a shimmery eye primer. Matte eye primers work with both matte and shimmery eye makeup they allow you to add all the shine using the eye makeup, not the primer. Matte eye primers are especially effective in hot and humid weather. In terms of availability, there are many eye primer in Bangladesh.

    Applying Eye Primer in Bangladesh

    It is very much important to start with a clean face, removing oil or dirt from the face that may be on your skin. Moisturizer will works for the makeup from drying out your skin and long-lasting result. Your skin feels dry and not dewy. If the moisturizer is still wet it can interfere with the application of your eye primer. While you want the eye primer to cover your eyelid completely, too much eye primer can completely backfire. It can cause your eye makeup to pill, clump, appear chalky or shiny. Too little, and your eye makeup won't stay. It's always better to start with less product on the eye and build and if you need to instead of starting with the eye primer. It looks less is more when it comes to eye primer. Dip your ring finger or a small brush into the eye primer and dab it on your eyelid. You want to gently dab, pat, smooth, and blend the eye primer into your skin. You can start from the inner corner of your eye and up toward the brow bone and outer corner of your eyelid, or you can start at the centre of your eyelid and blend outwards and upwards on your eyes. Whatever works best for you. The finger is a perfect tool for applying eye primer, and most of the time it's all you will need. You can easily control how much product you are applying, and the warmth from your fingertips can help you spread the eye primer. A small makeup brush can get into the little corners of eye and in the lash line and usually helps you get a great look an even application. Always be gentle and never pull on the skin around your eye, as this can lead wrinkles later in life. Really work the eye primer into the creases of your eyelid. The eye primer's job is to fill the fine lines in your skin so that your eye makeup doesn't settle into the creases. If you are applying eye makeup to your bottom lid, use a thin brush or your finger to dab it along with your lash line.
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