Eye primer in Bangladesh

There are different type of eye primer in Bangladesh. Eye primer makeup glides onto your eyelid to not only ensure that your eye makeup stays on all day, but looks fantastic on you. You will be able to get eye primer in the cosmetic and drug stores in Bangladesh. On the other hand, you can use liquid foundation if you do not like eye primer to achieve the same sort of look. Eye primer is a cosmetic that is used to coat the eyelids prior to the application of eye makeup so that the makeup can be applied in a smooth. Some people find that creases appear in their eye makeup during the day as the result of simply blinking and normal eye movements. Eye primer works to keep these creases from appearing and can also help to boost the vibrancy of the eye makeup color. Most kinds of eye primer come in either a tube or small tub and are applied either with a brush or with a wand with a soft end. A concealer brush can be used to apply it as well. Although there are slight variations in the colors of the eye primer, most come in shades that blend in with most skin tones. This is because the purpose of the primer is not to accent the eyelids with color, but to prepare them for eye makeup that will serve that purpose.

How to Apply eye primer

Choosing Right Eye Primer in Bangladesh

For general, everyday use, you want to look for an eye primer that matches your skin or is just a tiny bit lighter. This will look the most natural if you forego eye makeup and just do a liner and it won't alter the shade of your eye makeup by adding pigmentation. If you're doing a smokey eye or a dark eye look for a darker eye primer to add depth to your look. If you are using multiple colors and really want them to pop, try a white eye primer. You can skip eye makeup altogether and choose an eye primer that has an exciting color already blended into the formula. Consider color-correcting eye primer if you have dark circles or want to brighten your eyes. Eye primers with a yellow or peach cast will neutralize the purples, browns, shades of under eye circle. An eye primer with a little bit of green can neutralize pink or reddish skin. Matte eye primers are great for everyday use because they tend to last longer and give you a more neutral base for your eye makeup. If your skin is not oily, eyelids tend to get a little greasy over the day, and the give a matte finish and it will help absorb and keep your makeup in place. For shimmery finish works when you are wearing no shadow over your eye primer or plan to use a sparkly eye makeup. Keep in mind these don't have quite the staying power as a matte eye primer, and that you shouldn't use a matte eye makeup over a shimmery eye primer. Matte eye primers work with both matte and shimmery eye makeup they allow you to add all the shine using the eye makeup, not the primer. Matte eye primers are especially effective in hot and humid weather. In terms of availability, there are many eye primer in Bangladesh.

Applying Eye Primer in Bangladesh

It is very much important to start with a clean face, removing oil or dirt from the face that may be on your skin. Moisturizer will works for the makeup from drying out your skin and long-lasting result. Your skin feels dry and not dewy. If the moisturizer is still wet it can interfere with the application of your eye primer. While you want the eye primer to cover your eyelid completely, too much eye primer can completely backfire. It can cause your eye makeup to pill, clump, appear chalky or shiny. Too little, and your eye makeup won't stay. It's always better to start with less product on the eye and build and if you need to instead of starting with the eye primer. It looks less is more when it comes to eye primer. Dip your ring finger or a small brush into the eye primer and dab it on your eyelid. You want to gently dab, pat, smooth, and blend the eye primer into your skin. You can start from the inner corner of your eye and up toward the brow bone and outer corner of your eyelid, or you can start at the centre of your eyelid and blend outwards and upwards on your eyes. Whatever works best for you. The finger is a perfect tool for applying eye primer, and most of the time it's all you will need. You can easily control how much product you are applying, and the warmth from your fingertips can help you spread the eye primer. A small makeup brush can get into the little corners of eye and in the lash line and usually helps you get a great look an even application. Always be gentle and never pull on the skin around your eye, as this can lead wrinkles later in life. Really work the eye primer into the creases of your eyelid. The eye primer's job is to fill the fine lines in your skin so that your eye makeup doesn't settle into the creases. If you are applying eye makeup to your bottom lid, use a thin brush or your finger to dab it along with your lash line.
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