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Cow and Gate Growing Up Milk Powder 3


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The first Growth Phase for your toddlers starts from the year 1, and to compliment that growing Cow & Gate growing up milk is specially build to provide all the nutrients needed.

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Description: From the age of 1 your baby starts making little noises to full words, taking little steps, and following the surroundings and learning. This growth phase is very fast and crucial for the toddler’s growth and brain development. Cow and Gate 3 growing up milk helps the kid to get all the nutrients.vitamin D and calcium - for normal bone development Iron - to support normal cognitive development Just 2 Beakers Covers 100% vitamin D needs. Cautions: Shake properly before use. Serve Both in warm or cold state. Before feeding warmed, check temperature. Do not use microwave to heat. It may cause hot spot leading to blistering. Uneaten milk after feeding should be dissolved within 2 hours. Unconsumed milk can be stored in the fridge for up to 72 hours.

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