Become a partner and Earn Money from Home

About us: is one of the leading e-commerce website in Bangladesh, selling quality products, mostly from UK, is giving you an opportunity to earn money from home. BuyMeBrand (BMB) started it’s journey from April 2013, served over thousands of people, and our team in Bangladesh and in the UK are working continually to make it better.

Partners: There are quiet few market places (website), like Daraz, KayMu, Ajkerdeal, Othoba, Bagdoom, KiDorkar, Kiksha and several people working with us with their facebook page, like Vinnokisu, Mom Baby BD, since we started adding BMB partners from June 2015 and we would like to add another 50 partners by the end of this year.

It is a PROVEN METHOD and our partners are earning good amount of commission every month.

1. No or a little investment
2. Flexible working time
3. Can work part time on spare time
4. Create your own business and be your own Boss

What BMB provides:
1. We will help you to create FB page, group
2. We will design Logo, Letterhead, Business card, Shopping bag
3. Website design and development
4. Find the niche market
5. All products stocking
6. Delivery, return and payments
7. FREE training on how to post, advertise, and how to deal with customer
8. Support over phone, email, and FB messenger

How does it work?
1. We will find the niche after discussing with you, make a FB page, group or create other media to give you a platform to sell online
2. You have to put add on your channel confirm the sale and pass us the customer details
3. You don't have to worry about stock, or delivery, we will deal with everything
4. We will collect the money and pay you the commission

What you need to know:
a) We will create accounts in FB page, FB group (if you have existing one, don’t worry)
b) Post add on your selling channel, get all the info from, let us know if you are not sure about anything, please check the products availability from the website.
c) Respond to FB comments, FB messages, phone calls, text messages and email regarding product query, close the sell. Few things to remember when answering queries,
• Delivery Charges: 50tk inside Dhaka, 100tk outside, and pick up is FREE
• Payment: Cash on delivery, bKash personal: 01978787572 / 01978787575 or bKash merchant: 01718523881
• Made in: Look for the data sheet on the website, if it’s not there give us a call and find out, some products doesn’t say where they made in, they just put company name, like, Made by Unilever, yet we can find out the info where it produce for from the back of the products, there should be a address and phone number
• Real photo: Customer will ask for real picture of the products, ask us if you need any
• Expiry date: Most of the toiletries and cosmetics hasn’t got expiry date on the back, it has open can picture and it says 6M/12M/24M, which means we will be able to use it for 6M/12M/24M after opening
• Collection point: NO (if they come and pick up from our office, they will find out about BMB, we don’t want that to happen)
d) Take the following details from the customer, place your order on BuyMeBrand, put all the details in the message box:
• Full name:
• Mobile number:
• Full delivery address:
• Products code:
• Price:
• Delivery charges:
• Note:
e) You will be able to see the order status from your website login:
• progress in process: we have received the order and working on it
• shipped: products has been shipped to the customer (shipping inside Dhaka normally take 1-2 working days to deliver, shipping outside Dhaka, takes normally 3-5 working days to deliver and 7-10 working days to receive the money and update on website as delivered)
• delivered: has been successfully delivered, give customer a call, take some feedback
• cancelled: customer refused to received it, please give him/her a call and find out the reason of cancelling
f) Yeah!! you have made it
• We will calculate the total sell at the beginning of every month for the last months confirmed sale
• Payment will be made by 10th
• Payment will be made by cheque
• If you don’t have a bank account, we will give you a cash cheque.
• Commission will be 10% of the sale amount, not on delivery charges (any changes will be notified in advance)
For further assistance, please call us on 01978787573 (Relationship Manager) or email us at [email protected] or inbox us at

• Products will go in your bag, if you provide any, otherwise white bag, and invoice will be on your letterhead if you provide any, or on white paper (we can use your logo though)
• Delivery person will call and tell the customer that they are calling from your Business
• Please let us know if we need to stock any particular products
• Please provide us suggestion to improve, we are very open to our partners feedback