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Johnson & Johnson has been always different in the terms of providing their baby toiletries. It’s soft and gentle touching of the babies skin lefts a smoochy feel on our beloved toddlers. Their Different range of Johnson’s Natural Products includes 98% of natural ingredients with no more tears formula.
Johnson Natural products offering something more extra to the parents which includes organic ingredients.
Their series includes the followings:
iii) Baby Moisture Lotion.  

iv) Baby Shampoo.

All this natural series set up in step by step for nurturing your kids cleaning process. which includes Moisture Rich Bath wash, later on Baby Lotion and Cream for hydrating body lotion to keep the skin moisture. Take proper care of your little kids skin and feed it with vitamins.
The toddlers skins are the most softest ones and it requires the most gentle touch, keeping this in mind Johnson’s Baby Rich Bath Shampoo, Natural Shampoo, Soothing Naturals Intense Moisture Cream is specially built with the unique Johnson mildness. Its olive leave extracts provides the vitamin E and texture of softness at the very first use on the babies sensitive skin to leave it smooth and soft.
Its works fine with the dry patches and it’s non greasy feature allows baby keep the moisture for 24 hours without any itchiness or uneasiness on the skin.
This lotion has the unique Johnson smell which will soothe your toddles nose and have healthy fragrance around him or her all day long.
· Designed with the help of Pediatricians.
· Dermatologist tested approved
· Mildness clinically proved
Johnson’s Natural series is safe to use on the toddlers skin as they are free from the dangerous ingredients that would be harmful for the baby skins. (Free from: Parbaren, Dyes, Animal Byproducts, Lanolin, Paraffin, Silicones, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Essential Oils.) Give your kids the best Wash of body and hair later hydrate them with the cream and lotion. Happy Parenting.


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