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Shopping online in Bangladesh

Online shopping is getting hugely popular since 2013 after the Bangladesh bank has allowed the online transaction to happened through websites. Submarine cable, the 3G mobile internet is making it possible. There are lots of question about online shopping in Bangladesh. team has researched the market and customer and layed down some answer to the question.


Why Shopping online in Bangladesh


Time is the most limited resource that we have, we need to make the best of it.  Online shopping in Bangladesh come here as a saviour. The amount of time we lose every day for a different purpose is unbelievable. We have to spend time for working, need some time with family and friends, after all, that we don't have much time for shopping. Shopping online will make our life easier and save us a lot of time which we can use somewhere else. Some of the company who sells foods and grocery items delivery products on the same day, if not in few hours. BuyMeBrand delivers its product in 48 hours inside Dhaka and in 72 hours outside Dhaka.


You will need some preparation before going to shopping. There are a lot of hassle which can not be avoided. Shopping online will make our life easier. You can shop from your home from your mobile or personal computer and get your desired product delivered at home. BuyMeBrand have a very short cart, so you don't have to put a lot of information, you can shop very easily. BuyMeBrand also has features like one-click shopping and call back request to make your life easier to shop online in Bangladesh.


It is one of the biggest reason why e-commerce is growing so rapidly in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka. The traffic in the Dhaka city is immense and it takes lot of time to travel from one place to another. Online shopping will facilitate the ease we need and give us an opportunity to  shop from our home. Dhaka is one of the slowest moving city in the world. People will not bother to go outside to shop, they will all divert to online shopping in Bangladesh.


There are a lot of deal goes on online, where you can keep an eye on websites and facebook pages and eventually you will be able to save a lot of money. BuyMeBrand runs a deal every month where you can save a lot of money. We also have various other offers on our live session and we have some specials promotion on Eid and other occasions. So you can easily save few thousands taka every month by shopping online in Bangladesh from BuyMeBrand.


What to shop online in Bangladesh


It is one of the most popular selling items on websites or any other online platform. People buy lot of mobiles and a certain percentage of those are bought online. You can go through different websites, compare prices & look at the features before purchasing.


People were not sure about the fashion items will be sold online or not because you would like to try it before you buy it. Online shopping is giving the customer a chance to shop online, deliver it to there home and they can try it before paying the cash. So cash on delivery is helping a lot to grow it faster though it has some negative side as well.

Toiletries & Cosmetics

One of the most common items which are sold online toiletries and cosmetics. Most of the time people research online and they know exactly what they want, so it is very easier for someone to order it online. In Bangladesh, there are some online stores like BuyMeBrand has physical shops as well, so there is an option where you can try the products before purchasing.


It is amazing to see that people are buying their grocery items online. A few years back was unimaginable. Online shopping in Bangladesh is making it happen. There are a lot of transaction going on for grocery shopping. Few of the online shopping companies in Bangladesh are providing delivery services within few hours.

Baby products

People are very cautious when it comes down to baby products. Everyone wants to give the best to their babies which is why imported baby products from the 1st world countries like UK is getting very popular. BuyMeBrand sells all the branded baby milk, baby foods, baby toiletries and baby nappies/diapers online in Bangladesh.


What to do I need to shop online in Bangladesh


This little device is revolutionising the whole world in many different ways. Shopping online in Bangladesh by using your mobile device is getting popular day by day. More than 60% people are shopping online, the rest are shopping from desktop or laptop, but most of the time they see products, research on them on mobile phones. So mobile phone is the vital component in online shopping in Bangladesh. You can log into a website from your mobile and choose your desired items and order it for delivery.

Personal Computer

You can obviously order from any website via your personal computers like desktop and laptop. Though more people are using mobile phones and using it as their primary shopping device. But you can shop with easy, very comfortably from your personal computer.


You will need internet to shop online in Bangladesh, which is the most common elements to shop online and connect to the whole world. You can use your mobile data or broadband to connect to your mobile phone or personal computer. Make sure you get the best signal to shop online in Bangladesh with ease.


Why shall I buy from BuyMeBrand?

Authentic products from the UK

BuyMeBrand source most of the products from the UK, which is why you do not have to worry about the quality of the products. We work very closely with all the stakeholders to make sure we always get the best quality products. We have our own team in the UK who send products from there and we export ourselves to make sure the quality and to make sure there is less third-party involvement.

Branded products from the UK

Our name BuyMeBrand speak for ourselves :), we are focused from the beginning on branded products and originality. We make sure people get the best products from the UK. Branded products will not let you down in terms of quality. We sell best-branded products like The Body Shop, Tresemme, Cow & Gate, Loreal, Rimmel and more.

Best price

We are working with few manufacturer and lot of wholesaler so that we can provide the best possible price. We also shop at the retailer when they offer their products at good price. We make sure that our customers ate satisfied with the price. We also run a lot of campaign and promotions to give you the extra edge to save some money. We purchase items from the UK and sell those to Bangladesh, sometimes it becomes harder to match the price with Bangladesh market.

Faster delivery and pickup facility

BuyMeBrand delivers its products at the very fast rate. We deliver our products in 48 hours inside Dhaka and in 72 hours outside Dhaka. You can also pick up your desired items from our retail outlet.

Pre-order from the UK

If we do not have your item in stock, you can always pre-order it from the UK. We can literally bring anything from the UK. If you let us know what you need, we will purchase the item, bring it from the UK and deliver it to you. Pre-order is one of the unique features of BuyMeBrand.

Easy return

If you do not like our products you can return it at the time of delivery. You can pop into our store and have a look at the item before you can purchase. Our return is very low, as we sell branded and original products, yet we have this options open so that you can shop with ease. We think the best for our customer and we make sure they have the best shopping experience with us.

Secure online payment

We are directly working with payment gateways service to make sure your data and information are safe with us. Our website is SSL certified as well, so you can provide your personal information with ease of mind.

Cash on delivery

We have cash on delivery service, which is the most common payment method in Bangladesh right now. This is one of the most common factors which is why people are getting comfortable with the online shopping in Bangladesh as they do not have to pay in advance.


So shop online from the best online shop BuyMeBrand and you will be satisfied with our service. You will also get original items, and we also offer the best price in Bangladesh. Shop with BuyMeBrand, shop from the best online shop in Bangladesh.